The revolution of
the ventilated facade

A revolutionary system, thanks to the use of special panels in reinforced PVC
and to a quick and panted mounting formula. A ventilated facade
that ensures superior performance and lower costs than
all the traditional systems available on the market.


The group has been operating for over 30 years in the sector of frames, with the mission to offer the highest quality through continuous product innovation. In the last ten years, the investment, the and resources of the Covering Systems department have focused on the search for a more performing system in the ventilated facades industry, a product which satisfy the requirements of architects and designers radically improving the living comfort. It is from this premise that the ventilated facade Covering Systems was created.


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The Covering Systems ventilated facade is a unique patent certificated by the strictest tests of the sector. Its extraordinary versatility offers the possibility to combine, in a sigle system, plenty of different finishes. We assure not only excellent performance, we guarantee an aesthetic appeal without equal in the panorama of traditional ventilated facades with over 100 finishes and materials.


We’ve eliminated every problem related to mounting, assuring simplicity and speed. The absence of mechanical fasteners for the assembly of panels, the particular support extrusions in aluminium that ease the installation of the substructure, the patented retractable hooks for the fastening of the panels and their extreme lightness, guarantee timesaving and a reduction in labour costs by up to 50%.


Covering Systems coatings are water-repellant, they have anti- scratch characteristic and they ensure the self-cleaning effect with the action of rain. The exclusive SST (Solar Shield Technology) technology, certificated according to RAL-GZ 716 and EN 513-2, provides stability for the coating from UV rays and from several stresses due to the variants in temperature for over 15 years. Besides, with easy-to- clean SST system, it’s possible to use the products supplied by Covering Systems in order to remove any graffiti, getting maintenance costs down to near zero.

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Centro commerciale Norcia
Università di Camerino
Officina Citroen
Yacht – Centro residenziale
Abitazione Civile
Centro Residenziale (work in progress)
Opificio Industriale (work in progress)
Struttura Ricettiva Commerciale

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