What is a ventilated facade?

The ventilated facade is a system of external coating of buildings, thought to improve the total performances of energy-related.
It is a revolution of insulation system “a coat”, unlike such as ensures superior performances thermo hydrometric with the additional energy savings.

In the most of ventilated walls are used ceramic or metal material panels, hooked to a steel load-bearing structure, in order to create acrawlspace between the coating and the wall of the building, in which is activated a process of natural ventilation known with the name “chemney effect” which ensure the breathability of the wall and a significant reduction of humidity to the benefit of home comfort.

Restyling in the city.

Panels in steel finishing of line Metals for the retraining of a residential building.






The revolution stars from PVC.

Covering System is a revolutionary system of ventilated facade meant to change the rules in the landscape of retraining construction.

Developed in collaboration with the most important companies in this area. Covering system is the result of 10 years of investment in research and development of the Ghost System Group, company with thity years of experiece in the frames field.

An innovative system realized with special panels in PVC strengthened, thought to offer superior thermoacoustic performance and low cost both during installation, in therms of energy saving compared to traditional system.

A totally eco-friendly product that joining to the technical features an extraordinary aesthetic versatility.

Light but stable.

The UNI 11018:2003 establishes the weight of stone and ceramic coatings between a minimum of 10kg/mq and a maximum of 100kg/mq.

The panels dual-room Covering System in PVC are ultralights.

The weight very low that changes between 6kg/mq and 12kg/mq depending of finishes, make it possible to move easly the panels durind assembly and trasport, without excessive loas for the wall to be coated.

The weight low and material makes easier the drilling and cutting operations without processing and/or special tools, allowing to speed up the installation even in critical situations.

Stone and ceraming coatings

Covering Systems® coarings in PVC


The secret is in the semplicity.

The ventilated walls “Covering System” is designes to facilitate the installation on buildings and promotes saving time and lower costs of labour up to 50% in comparison with the traditional products existing on the market.

Panels in VPC are applied to the structure in aluminium alloy through a system of mechanical anchorage patented and totally in disappearance, without the use of special tools, without any problem with the disconnection on the coating.

A system tested in accordance with the most important industry standards that enables to perform maintenance in an easy way and to replace every single panels in RAL days of Colors Line.

Retraing with style.

An industrial site converted in shoowroom with panels in RAL dyes of Colors line.


Quality and performance of a single Product.

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    Thermic Comfort

    The structure dual-room of the panels in PVC is designed to make sure the superior thermal trasmittance values compared to traditional solutions ( w/(m·k)=0,17). In winter periods the panels isulate the walls from the low temperatures while in the summer season it cancel the thermal load of the building through to the total reflection of solar radiation, that with the ventilated crawlspace, enables to obtain a excellent housing comfort. With the ventilated facades Covering System it isn’t necessary to apply insulating material between panels and the walls of building, as well as normally happens for all other system present on the market.

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    Acoustic Comfort

    The ventilated facades Covering System insulate the building from the external sounds, thanks to the particolar structure dual room of the panels in PVC, that increase the absorption ability of the sound sources, significantly improving acoustical performance inside the building and providing for a better acoustic insulation of housing compared to traditional panels.

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    Covering System is the result of over 10 years of researching and development and it’s designed to resist to action of time and atmospheric agents.
    Thanks to the special formulation of aesthetic finishes the non-absorbent property and the scratch-resistant panels, the ventilated facades Covering System don’t required any kind of particular maintenance thanks also to the self-cleaning effect with the action of rain, reducing maintenance costs.

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    Thanks to the physical-mechanical characteristics of the PVC, the ventilated facades Covering System protect effectively the building from the combined action of rain and wind, even in case of prolonged events or exceptional intensity ensuring the maximum breathabilitu and avoiding the degradation of the wall.

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    Energy Saving

    The ventilted facades Covering System is an innovative insulating barrier that improves the thermal behaviour of building, reducing the dispersion of heat during the cold months and its absorption in the warm months, with advantages in term of energy efficiency. The energy saving associated with the restructuring of the facade provides the recovery og initial investement in a few years.

Traditions to be respected

Ecostone is the line with finishes of natural ston throught to renew houses in full respect of the territory and traditions.

A choice of style.

The ventilated walls Covering System join undoubted practical benefits such an extraordinary versatility of a system with endless combinations, for results really single.

The large choice of finishes and personalisations allows to adress design challenges more demanding and satisfy the creative needs of architects, planners and designers careful to the aesthetic enhacement of buildings and to the containment of energy consumption.

The ventilated facades allow to renew existing buildings giving a new architectonical aspect with a very low impact on the previous structure but are recommended for the realisation of new construction who wants to distinguish for style and exclusivity.

Covering System is appropriate for any type of structure and intended use like great complex trade, skyscrapers and wide external surfaces of residential type, airports, hotel, industrial plant, renovation of old buildings,museums, ville, hopitals, stations.

Metals Line
Stainless steel 304 and/or 316 in polished or satin finish, natural copper, aluminium with finishes on request, natural corten steel.

Colors Line
Panels in paint RAL colored with innovative paint waters are resistant to UV radiation and to atmospheric agents and don’t fear collisions.

EcoStone Line
Finishes natutral stone, loyal to the thouch, realized with resins and natural products resistant to atmospheric agents and to UV radiation and to the secondement.

EcoWood Line
Panels with wood effect coating Renoilt, international leader in the production of films of high quality plastic.

Future Line
Panels covered with special films with special effects Renoilt.alluminium brush effect, silver d, silver v, silver brush effect, heavy metal, crown platinum, quartz platinum, pyrite, copper, bronzo platino, azul.

Plasters Line
Finishes which mimic the most usede plaster, spatula, old and traditional stucco.
Faithful even to the touch, they are made with resins, waxes and natural products that ensure high resistance to weathering, to UV radiatins and to the detachment.

Dreams Line
A line of custom finishes on the basis to the demands of the designer or the customers, with the support of our technical specialists available to all project phases.

Covering Systems

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